02 Dodge Caravan Owner S Manual

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02 Dodge Caravan Owner S Manual

Your Auto Search Engine. Chrysler Car manuals. Access your Dodge Caravan 2002 Owner's Manual Online. Jeep Grand Cherokee; Honda; KIA; Dodge Caravan Owners Manual 2002 Instructions, 2002 Dodge Caravan Repair Manual Online.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I have a 99 Chrysler Town and Country, Limited. Bought it used, and it did NOT come with a user's manual. I really need one. When I owned a Dodge Neon, I downloaded a bunch of factory service manuals for various Chrysler vehicles. However, that site does NOT have the owner's manual for my 99 Chrysler Town and Country I have also checked my local yards for any 3rd gen Chrysler minivans. So far, no luck. Bottom jacking points mangled. I'd like another vehicle, but have invested too much on this one.Stumbled on an owner's manual in a 99 Dodge Caravan.Bottom jacking points mangled. I'd like another vehicle, but have invested too much on this one.One of the rear caliper bolts worked its way out of the caliper. It destroyed the pads, caliper and all the parts of the rear parking brake assembly. My question is the rear caliper bracket easily replaced like the front. If not can a HeliCoil be used to repair the missing threads. It turns out the bushing in the left top shock mount is completely gone. Since the shock still works fine and doesn't leak, I'm hoping to just put some bushings in what I have. I was planning on just buying a couple. I replaced the valve cover gaskets as well as oil pan gasket so I have ruled those out as the source of the leak. I have to replace about a quart of. Please note FCA Chrysler states NOT to use anything but the licensed ATF-4 fluids. That means - NO unlicensed ATF -4 fluids, even if the fluid states ATF-4.http://www.kurashi-kyoiku.com/cms/dat/upimg/clicker-klik1-manual-pdf.xml

It also contains CAUTIONS against procedures, which could result in damage to your vehicle. If you do not read this entire manual, you may miss important information. This system consists of a Fob with Integrated Key and a Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) with integral ignition switch. You can insert the double-sided integrated key into the igni- tion switch with either side up. It also contains the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) trans- mitter and a valet key, which stores in the rear of the Fob. The valet key allows for entry into the vehicle should the battery in the vehicle or the Fob go dead. Do not press the accelerator. Use the Fob with Integrated Key to briefly turn the ignition switch to the START NEVER leave children alone in a vehicle. Leaving position and release it as soon as the starter engages. NOTE: The Key-In-Ignition reminder only sounds when the ignition key is placed in the LOCK or ACC position. Either of these condi- rized vehicle operation by disabling the engine. The tions will result in the engine being shut off after two (2) system does not need to be armed or activated. Cell phones, pagers, or other RF location. This number is required for dealer replacement electronics will not cause interference with this system. of Fobs. Duplication of Fobs may be performed at an authorized dealer or by using the Customer Key Pro- All of the Fobs provided with your new vehicle have gramming procedure. After ten seconds, a chime have all remaining keys erased from the systems will sound and the Vehicle Security Alarm Indicator memory. The engine will run only if a valid FOB indicate that the alarm is being set. After the alarm is set, Integrated Key (FOBIK) is used to start the vehicle. Use of the security light will flash at a slower rate to indicate the FOBIK will disable the alarm. Release both buttons.Operation is subject to the battery. Avoid touching the new batteries with your fingers. Skin oils may cause battery deterioration.http://olymp-kiev.com/temp/fckeditor/click-plc-manual.xml

If you touch a battery, clean it with rubbing alcohol. 3. Reposition the access door panel over the battery opening and snap into place. To cancel remote start, press the REMOTE within three seconds. The vehicle is also allowed a maximum of one failed start, where the remote start sequence was initiated but the engine stopped cranking without starting. After either of these conditions, or if the Vehicle Theft Alarm is alarming, or if the PANIC button was pressed, the vehicle must be reset by inserting a valid key into the ignition. If necessary, repeat enabled or disabled by performing the following proce- the above procedure. If necessary repeat Switches on the driver’s door trim panel let the driver the above procedure. The switches will operate only when the ignition switch is in the ON or ACCES- SORY position. To reactivate ing the bar switch just below the power window the auto-up feature, perform the following steps after switches. The Second Row passengers may operate the sliding door switches will operate only when the ignition switch is in window by a single switch on each door handle assem-. This latch will keep your outside. NOTE: When the child lock system is engaged, the door can be opened only by using the outside door handle even though the inside door lock is in the unlocked position. Ensure the liftgate travel path is clear. Make sure the liftgate is closed and latched before driving away.Storage Bin Cover Emergency Release As a security measure, a Storage Bin Cover Emergency Release strap is built into the storage bin cover latching mechanism. Push the strap into the latch mechanism until it engages around the latch post. Some of the worst injuries happen when people are thrown In a collision, you and your passengers can suffer from the vehicle. In a collision, people belts are designed to go around the large bones of riding in these areas are more likely to be seri- your body. Sit back and adjust the seat. 2.

The seat belt latch plate is near the seatback of the front seats and next to your arm in the rear seats. Grasp the latch plate and pull out the belt. Pull this strap down and secure it to the latch plate of the The belt will automatically retract to its stowed position.When you release the 2. Grasp the shoulder portion and pull downward until anchorage, try to move it up or down to make sure that the entire belt is extracted.The seat belt still must be unbuckled for more than 10 seconds and the vehicle worn snugly and positioned properly. Using a seat belt extender when not needed can The front airbags have a multistage inflator design. This increase the risk of injury in a collision. Front Passenger Airbag Special Features A new active venting front-passenger airbag is designed to reduce the risk of occupants who may be out of position by the use of active vents positioned on each side of the airbag. Along Infants in rear facing child restraints should NEVER ride with seat belts and pretensioners, front airbags work with in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger front airbag.The airbags work moved back as far as practical to allow the front airbags with your seat belt to restrain you properly. The ORC is part of a Federally regulated safety system required for this vehicle. Rollover Sensors trigger airbag deployment in the event of vehicle rollover and aid the ORC in deploying Side Ignoring the AIRBAG light in your instrument panel Airbag Inflatable Curtains (SABIC) for rollover events.This the vehicle communication network intact, and the does not mean something is wrong with the airbag power intact, the Enhanced Accident Response System. WARNING! Do not attempt to modify any part of your advanced airbag system.Refer to the label You will want to have the airbags ready to located on the inside of the fuse block cover for the inflate for your protection in a collision.

Two types In a collision, an unrestrained child, even a tiny baby, of child restraints can be used rearward-facing: infant can become a missile inside the vehicle. Don’t leave it loose in the vehicle. Use only the anchor positions directly behind the child seat to secure a child restraint top tether strap. Again, carefully follow the instruc- VEHICLES ONLY) — IF EQUIPPED tions that come with the child restraint system. Commercial cargo vehicles are not designed for use as a family vehicle and are not intended for carrying children WARNING! Ensure that should ride properly buckled in the passenger seat the child restraint tether strap is centered on the head with the seat adjusted to the rear most position. Wide open throttle acceleration in low gear can be The vehicle tether anchor is designed to be used with a detrimental and should be avoided. The Vehicle Tires Fluid Leaks Examine tires for excessive tread wear and uneven wear Check area under vehicle after overnight parking for fuel, patterns. The mirror should be adjusted Adjust the mirror to center on the view through the rear while set in the day position (toward windshield). Apply the solution onto a clean cloth and wipe the mirror clean. Driver’s Side Outside Mirror Auto Dimmer — If Equipped This mirror automatically adjusts for annoying headlight glare from vehicles behind you. Press the power fold button to fold in the mirrors. Press the button again to unfold the mirrors. Vehicles and other objects seen in a passenger side convex mirror will look smaller and farther away than they really are. Press the switch to the L or R for Left or Right mirror selection. The system is available in you may not be able to use any UConnect features. English, Spanish, or French languages (as equipped). Refer to your cellular service provider or the phone manufacturer for details. You can select to use a lower priority cellular phone at any time (refer to Advanced Phone ber and then dial.

The number will appear in the Connectivity ). This will allow may appear in the display of certain radios. Please see your phone owners’ manual their phone via Bluetooth. To use this feature, press the for specific instructions on how to drop the Bluetooth “Phone”. Check with NOTE: The UConnect system compatible phones in your cellular service provider for the features that you market today do not support rejecting an incoming call have.Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. The sudden movement of the seat could cause you to lose control. The seat belt might not be properly adjusted and you could be injured. Seat travel may become limited if movement is stopped by an obstruction in the seat’s path. The controls for front heated seats are located on the center instrument panel area. The switch in- dicator lights will show when the LOW or HIGH heat is ON. Using body pressure, lean WARNING.Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord injury, medication, alcohol use, exhaus- tion or other physical condition must exercise care. In a collision you could slide under the seat belt and be seriously or fatally injured. Use the recliner only when the vehicle is parked. To Fold Second Row Seats 1. To assure the seatback is latched in the folded position, additional downward pressure on the seatback may be required when folding. NOTE: The storage bin cover must be locked and flat to avoid damage from contact with the front seat tracks, which have minimal clearance to the cover. Rollers integrated into the seat frame ease removal through the rear. Floor storage compartments are still available with the bench seat. When the system detects an obstacle, the motors will stop and reverse the motion for a brief period. Should this occur, remove the obstacle and repress the button again, for the desired position.

Easy Access Seating The second row Stow ’n Go seats can be tilted forward for easy access to the third row seat or rear cargo area. This allows Removing Swivel ’n Go Premium Seating — If the seats to swivel when the seat backs are folded. Equipped 1. Remove any obstructions from the floor behind the WARNING.The contacts slide past each other as the seat The Swivel ’n Go Seating Table consists of an easily is rolled to and from the strikers. To install the table follow these steps: Table and Leg Storage 3. Obtain the pole and table top by loosening the hook and loop straps. Note: You will hear an audible click when the table latch engages the pole.The floor supports the partial weight of the bagged goods. Keyless Entry Transmitter to Memory NOTE: Each time the SET (S) button and a numbered 6. NOTE: Once programmed, all transmitters linked to memory can be easily enabled or disabled at one time. Lower the hood until it is open approximately 12 inches (30 cm) and then drop it. This should secure both latches. Never drive your vehicle unless the hood is fully closed, with both latches engaged. This also turns on all rotating the dimmer control for the instrument panel lighting. The inte- OFF based on ambient light levels. To turn the system rior lights will remain off when the ON, turn the headlight switch to the extreme counter- doors or liftgate are open. Pressing the switch con- trol knob in a second time, will turn the Halo lights off. Fog Light Switch Head Light Switch with Halo. The delay can be inward to the first detent and release to clear the wind- regulated from a maximum of about 20 seconds between shield. Release the lever to lock the wheel firmly in place. If “Service Park Sense System”. This system aids the driver in maintaining vehicle control Speed Control can be dangerous where the system under adverse braking conditions. The system controls can’t maintain a constant speed.

Your vehicle could hydraulic brake pressure to prevent wheel lock-up and go too fast for the conditions, and you could lose help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces during braking. This system monitors the amount of wheel spin of each of ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) cannot prevent the the driven wheels. If wheel spin is detected, brake natural laws of physics from acting on the vehicle, pressure is applied to the slipping wheel(s) and engine nor can it increase the traction afforded by prevailing power is reduced to provide enhanced acceleration and. The BAS is designed to optimize the vehicle’s braking capability during emergency braking maneuvers. The BAS (Brake Assist System) cannot prevent the natu- system detects an emergency braking situation by sens- ral laws of physics from acting on the vehicle, nor can ing the rate and amount of brake application and then it increase the traction afforded by prevailing road. This system anticipates the potential for wheel lift by monitoring the driver’s steering wheel input and the Many factors, such as vehicle loading, road condi- speed of the vehicle. When ERM determines that the rate tions and driving conditions, influence the chance of change of the steering wheel angle and vehicles speed that wheel lift or rollover may occur. This mode should be used for most WARNING.ESP should only be turned off for specific reasons as noted below. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) cannot prevent the natural laws of physics from acting on the vehicle, Partial Off nor can it increase the traction afforded by prevailing. Premium front overhead models feature a green LED focused light that illuminates the instrument panel cup holders, two swiveling LED lamps, flip-down sunglass storage, conversation mirror, optional power sliding door switches and an optional power. Press a second time to turn the lights off. Press the door latch to open the compartment. The door will slowly rotate to an open position.

NOTE: The front overhead console used with factory sunroof incorporates a sunroof switch. Do the Overhead Rail System. If the device is plugged in and activates, programming is complete. If the device does not activate, press the button a third time (for 2 seconds) to complete the training. To operate, simply press and release the programmed HomeLink button. Activation will now occur for the It may be helpful to unplug the device during the cycling trained device (i.e. The sunroof will close fully and stop automatically. The circuit breaker also status indicator turns ON. The status indicator of the AC supplies power to the outlet in the removable floor power inverter indicates whether the inverter is produc- console, when in the front position. Continue pulling the sun screen until the tab is near the top of the window. Sun Screen Extended To lower the sun screen, gently lift the tab upwards to disengage the hooks and feed the screen back into the base sill. Two cup holders in the center front instrument panel, four in the floor consoles and 3 located in the third row quarter trim panel. One bottle There are two consoles available: Basic and Premium holder on both front and side sliding doors. Each holder Basic Console Features accommodates up to 20 oz. The cup holders will also accommodate large size cups and 20 oz. Position 3 shows the top portion of the console in a rearward position. This is accomplished by lifting the upper most latch at the front of the console. Again, lifting second latch handle at the front of top storage area.To open the upper compartment (1) press in on the latch (2). To open the lower compartment (4), pull out on the release handle (3). Both interior front door panels have multiple pockets for storage. Slide WARNING! the storage bin locking mechanism to the Unlocked position to allow greater access to the storage bin. In an accident, serious injury could result if the seat storage bin covers are not properly latched.

The overhead storage system comes in several options. In a collision, you or others in your vehicle could be injured if the storage bins are not properly latched to the Overhead Rail System. Always be sure the removable floor console is fully latched. Rear Compartment Storage Bins Your vehicle is equipped with open storage areas located in each rear trim panel. This line indicates how far rearward and third row seating positions. The NOTE: To help control wind noise when installing the load must not exceed 68 kg (150 lbs), and should be cross bars make sure that the arrows marked on the front. If the leveled vehicle is not moved for approximately 15 hours, the leveling system will bleed itself down. The vehicle must be driven to reset the system. If temperature gauge reads the ignition switch is in the ON position. “H“, pull over and stop the vehicle. This light monitors the Anti-Lock Brake Sys- tem. The light will turn on when the ignition 5. Turn Signal Indicators switch is turned to the ON position and may The arrow will flash with the exterior turn signal stay on for as long as four seconds. The light should illuminate for approxi- NOTE: You must apply the brakes before shifting from mately two seconds. The light should then turn off unless Park.The engine oil change display resets (approximately 2 seconds). Malfunction Indicator Light start the vehicle, the oil change indicator system did not This light is part of an onboard diagnostic system reset. If necessary repeat this procedure.The light will come on when the ignition This light warns of an overheated engine condi- is first turned on and remain on briefly as a bulb check. tion. Underinflation also reduces fuel efficiency and tire tread life, and may affect Equipped Each tire, including the spare (if provided), the vehicle’s handling and stopping ability. TPMS malfunctions may occur for a variety CAUTION.

CMTC Reset Button Section 5 — Starting and Operating, “Tire Inflation Press the reset button to scroll through sub menus (i.e. Pressures” of this manual. Trip Functions: AVG. Fuel Economy, DTE, Elapsed Time, and Units. The Compass Mini Trip Computer features a driver- Compass Mini Trip Computer Reset Button interactive display (displays information on outside tem- perature, compass direction, and trip information). This is where the compass sensor is located. To Set the Variance Start the engine, and leave the transmission in the P (Park) position. They mainly affect the wave amplitude, tions, interference that consists of amplitude variations and thus remain a part of the AM reception. They can be filtered out, leaving the reception relatively clear, interfere very little with the frequency variations that which is the major feature of FM radio. Holding either button will bypass If Equipped stations without stopping until you release it.The minutes will begin to Pressing the rewind or fast forward button causes the blink.Many radio stations do TREBLE will display. Turn the TUNE control knob to the not currently broadcast Music Type information.The Nostalgia Nostalga Music Type function only operates when in the FM. Turn the TUNE control Selecting this item will allow the user to choose a default knob to adjust the hours and then press and turn the audio language (effective only if language supported by TUNE control knob to adjust the minutes. Also, the defaults are effective only if the disc supports the Selecting this item will allow the user to limit maximum customer-preferred settings. Each button can be set for SET 1 and SET 2 in Operation Instructions - (DISC MODE for CD and both AM and FM.Press the eject button and the push-button with the corresponding number (1-6) where the CD LOAD Button —. MP3 Pro files are not MPEG Sampling Fre- Bit rate (kbps) supported.To create a time priority mode.

If the AUX SET Button (Auxiliary Mode) audio sounds distorted, turn the device’s volume down. No function. SEEK Button (Auxiliary Mode) Operating Instructions - Hands Free Phone No function. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision. The minutes will begin to Press this button to operate the Hand Free Phone (UCon- blink. Turn the TUNE control knob to the causes the tuner to search for the next frequency in the right or left to increase or decrease the Treble tones. Many radio stations do 16 Digit-Character Program Type not currently broadcast Music Type information. Display Nostalgia Nostalga Toggle the Music Type button to select the following Oldies Oldies format types: Personality Persnlty 16 Digit-Character. The SET Button —. The NOTE: This Radio is capable of playing compact discs stations stored in SET 2 memory can be selected by (CD), recordable compact discs (CD-R), rewritable com- pressing the push-button twice.Press the RND button a second time to stop Random Play. UDF and Apple HFS formats are not supported. 3-character extension) The radio uses the following limits for file systems: Multisession disc formats are supported by the radio. The majority of MP3 files Playback of MP3 Files use a 44.1 kHz sampling rate and a 192, 160, 128, 96 or When a medium containing MP3 data is loaded, the VBR bit rates. The EQUIPPED time of day will display for 5 seconds (when ignition is NOTE: The sales code is located on the lower right side off). The of the unit’s faceplate. The time zone selection menu will appear on time data being transmitted by the GPS satellites. The the screen. Turning it counterclockwise (backward) by one click Once in the UCI (iPod ) mode, the iPod audio track (if during the first 2 seconds of the track will jump to the. SEEK Buttons REPEAT Button Use the “SEEK”.

During shuffle on and shuffle off modes of the iPod. If the fast scroll, you may notice a slight delay in updating the “RND”. After pressing a preset button, you will see the list you SATELLITE RADIO (RSC) —. For scroll using the TUNE control knob until Sirius ID is further information, call the toll-free number 888-539- selected. Press the TUNE control knob and the Sirius ID 7474, or visit the Sirius web site at www.sirius.com. Press the right switch to seek up and the left switch to seek down. If a button is not Equipped) selected within 5 seconds after pressing the SET button, Refer to Hands Free Phone in Section 3 of the Owner’s the channel will continue to play but will not be stored Manual. This condition may be lessened or eliminated by relocating the cellular phone antenna. This condition is not harmful to the radio. Pressing the center button CD Player changes the operation of the radio from AM to FM to Pressing the top of the switch once will go to the next Tape or CD mode depending on which radio is in the track on the CD. These outlets can be adjusted to direct air window demist outlets. This setting works best in flow. For maximum recirculation of the air inside defogging, select the Outside Air position. Top Panel Controls 1 - Left Front Temp Control 7 - Right Front Temp Control 2 - Panel Mode 8 - Rear Window Defrost Bottom Panel Controls 3 - Bi-Level Mode 9 - Recirculation Mode. Only when the primary control for the rear blower is in the “REAR” position do the second seat occupants have control of the rear blower speed. When the rear temperature Headliner Mode knob reaches the full hot position, all of the air will be Air comes from the outlets in the headliner. Each of delivered from the floor outlets.The system automatically adjusts features. The “AUTO” symbol in the front ATC display the temperature, mode and fan speed to provide will be turned off when the system is being used in the comfort as quickly as possible.

Air comes from the floor outlets. A slight amount of Each of these outlets can be individually adjusted to air is directed through the defrost and side window direct the flow of air. Push the button a second time to turn off the tor to manually activate or deactivate the air recirculation icon in the display and allow outside air conditioning system. Pressing the “REAR LOCK” button for the Rear Auto- matic Temperature Control System from the front ATC control unit, illuminates a “LOCK”. The system automatically adjusts 3. Auto Mode Interior air enters the Rear Automatic Temperature The rear system automatically maintains the correct Control System through an intake grille located in mode and comfort level desired by the rear seat occu- the passenger side trim panel behind the third seat. Air comes from the outlets in the headliner. Each of Use of the air Recirculation mode during winter months these outlets can be individually adjusted to direct is not recommended because it may cause window the flow of air. Leaves collected in the air intake may reduce airflow and if they enter the plenum they could plug the water drains. The brake pedal must be position before you can start the engine. Depress the depressed to shift out of Park (P). Push WARNING! the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and hold it there while cranking the engine. It has a removable cap that held to the floor, the “Normal Starting”. If Damage to the transmission may occur if the follow- your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal, the vehicle ing precautions are not observed: could accelerate quickly forward or in reverse. The engine can be started and For electrical system malfunctions, there is an override stopped but the key cannot be removed until you obtain for the interlock system. In order to override this system, service. Supplements the parking brake by locking the transmis- sion. The engine can be started in this range.

Never In the event that the problem has been momentary, the attempt to use PARK while vehicle is in motion. Park position. If the indicator light flashes during accel- This system monitors the amount of wheel spin of each of eration, ease up on the accelerator and apply as little the driven wheels. The system will provide mechanical assist could pose a safety risk to yourself and others.Tires designed to this standard have Tire Markings the tire size molded into the sidewall beginning with the section width. The letter P is absent from this tire size designation. Look for the TIN on the outboard side of black sidewall tires as mounted The TIN may be found on one or both sides of the tire; on the vehicle. Tire and Loading Information This placard tells you important information about the: 1) number of people that can be carried in the vehicle. You the weight referenced here. Use tires of the accidents. These pressure con- Improper inflation pressures can cause uneven wear ditions will be found in the “Supplemental Tire Pressure patterns to develop across the tire tread. These abnormal Information” section of this manual.Do not make a visual judgement Check tire pressures more often if subject to a wide range when determining proper inflation. Radial tires may look of outdoor temperatures, as tire pressures vary with properly inflated even when they are under inflated. Where speed limits or condi- tions are such that the vehicle can be driven at high Combining radial ply tires with other types of tires speeds, maintaining correct tire inflation pressure is very on your vehicle will cause your vehicle to handle. It is engineered to be used on your style wheel is designed specifically for the compact spare. Installation of this limited use spare When stuck in mud, sand, snow, or ice conditions, do not tire affects vehicle handling.The tires on your new vehicle provide a balance of many characteristics.